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WP Ground 60# ETO

White Pepper Ground 60#

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24 months
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White pepper is a mild form of pepper with a slightly fermented aroma and taste. It is harvested from pepper fruit that grows from a woody vine, or pepper plant, which is primarily cultivated in Vietnam, India and Indonesia.  While black pepper is made from berries, that are dried and stored after being picked, white pepper comes from berries that are picked ripe, then soaked in water before they are dried -- allowing the outer flesh to rub off in a process known as “retting.” Here at Olam, our pepper is either grown on our pepper estates in Vietnam and Brazil or secured through a farm level sourcing network managed in-origin by Olam personnel in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil and Malaysia. After drying, the peppercorns are processed at our state-of-the-art facility in the Gai Lai Province of Vietnam. Olam Markets makes it easy for you to buy Ground White Pepper online in bulk based on your requirements.
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Shelf Life24 months
SKU Size22.67 Kgs
Packaging1. PE bags (thick) – heat sealed and covered with Kraft Paper Bags. 2. PE bags (thick) – heat sealed and covered with Corrugated Carton Boxes (5 Ply)
(Size: 64.5 KB)
WP Ground 60# ETO