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Spec of Medium roast Spray dried coffee 9923

Spray Dried Coffee: Medium Roast

Material Spray_Dried_Coffee:_Medium_Roast
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About Products
Our spray dried coffee powder is derived from a quality-controlled process which begins with carefully selected coffee beans. When drying, the concentrated coffee extract is sprayed into a stream of hot air from the top of a cylindrical tower. As the droplets fall, they dry and become soluble fine powder by the time they reach the bottom of the tower. Our process strives to work with relatively low temperatures, preserving the quality of the aroma and flavour. Located in Vietnam, our soluble coffee operation is leveraged by product development expertise, helping us in supplying a consistently good quality coffee powder to the market. Olam Markets makes it easy for you to buy soluble coffee powder online in bulk based on your requirements.
Product Application
Coffee premix powder beverage, RTD Coffee, Dairy, Bakery, Confectionery and Ice Cream. For industrial customers, we manufacture a wide range of spray dried coffee powder platforms, offering different taste and aroma profiles. Ask questions, share remarks or get more information about our Coffee Powders. Our experts will handle your queries with care and will deliver you the service you expect from a top ingredient manufacturer.

Product Specification

ProductSpray Dried Coffee Powder Medium Roast
ColourTypical Brown Coffee Powder
FlavourBalanced with some nutty, caramelly notes
Caffeine Content3-5%
(Size: 161 KB)
Spec of Medium roast Spray dried coffee 9923