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Roasted Arabica Flores

Material Roasted_Arabica_Flores
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Wet Hulled
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About Products
Flores is an island in the Indonesian archipelago 200 miles east of Bali. In Spanish, the word “flores” translates to mean flowers. It has numerous active volcanoes so the volcanic ash on the island has created especially fertile andosols ideal for coffee production. The location, Bajawa, where it is grown and the processing method gives Flores Arabica a distinctive chocolatey, floral subtle taste. The existence of floral, woody and caramel undertones gives the coffee its unique taste making Flores Arabica a must choice for your discerning customer. Our speciality beans are directly sourced from our farmer network to create shared growth and thriving rural communities. Olam Markets makes it easy for you to buy Flores coffee online in bulk based on your requirements.

Product Specification

Ingredient100% Arabica
Processing MethodWet Hulled
Cupping NotesMedium Acidity, Strong Body, nutty
Brewing GuideEspresso Machine, French Press, Aero Press, V60