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Organic Cashew W240

Material Organic_Cashew__W240
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24 Months from the date of Packing
About Products
The naming of OW240 cashew consists of two parts: cashew abbreviation and number of kernels in 1 lb. “OW” stands for organic whole.  The cashew kernel is categorized as a “whole” kernel if it has the typical shape of a cashew kernel and not more than 1/8th of the kernel is broken. The number “240” signifies the number of kernels in 1 lb.  OW240 has 220-240 kernels per pound.  
Product Application
Olam’s organic cashews can be used in chocolates, cookies, sweets, ice-cream, and more. Ask questions, share remarks or get more information about our cashews. Our experts will handle your queries with care and will deliver you the service you expect from a top ingredients distributor.

Product Specification

Storage conditionsCool dry clean place (< 25 Deg C)
Primary packaging Food grade MVP barrier PE laminated foil
Secondary packaging Carton, 253 x 336 x 480
SKU Size50 lbs
(Size: 717.1 KB)