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Medium Red Cocoa Powder (BT 360)

Material Medium_Red_Cocoa_Powder_(BT_360)
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7.4 - 7.8
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About Products
Our Medium Red Alkalized Cocoa Powder is derived from a quality controlled process which begins with the grinding of our globally sourced and carefully selected cocoa beans into cocoa liquor. This liquor is pressed to leave a residue, or cake. This cake is finally milled to obtain the high grade natural cocoa powder. Our cocoa inspires the creation of products that delight the senses with flavour, texture, and colour. Our local cocoa processing operation, BT Cocoa Indonesia, leveraged by research and development expertise helps us supply the best cocoa ingredients to leading chocolate and confectionery manufacturers in Indonesia. Olam Markets makes it easy for you to buy Medium Red Alkalized Cocoa Powder online in bulk based on your requirements.
Product Application
Chocolates, Ice Cream, Cream Fillings, Instant Drink Mixes, Spreads, Confectioner’s coating For industrial customers we produce over 13 different types of cocoa powders, each having its particular qualities. These vary in 3 key outcomes of Colour, Flavour and Application and are derived through the blending of beans, roasting, pressing and alkalization process. These produced powders present different intensities of colour (from light brown to black), fat levels (low and high), and pH profiles (acidic and alkaline). Ask questions, share remarks or get more information about our Medium Red Alkalized Cocoa Powder. Our experts will handle your queries with care and will deliver you the service you expect from a top ingredients manufacturer.

Product Specification

Product CodeBT 360
ColourMedium Red Cocoa Powder
FlavourAromatic Flavor profile with significant cocoa flavour
Fat Content10-12%
pH7.4 - 7.8