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Deodorized Cocoa Butter

Material Deodorized_Cocoa_Butter
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Bland Cocoa
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About Products
Our Natural cocoa butter is derived from a quality controlled process which begins with our globally sourced and carefully selected cocoa beans that have been roasted, and separated from their skins. The cocoa nibs are then crushed to a paste, making sure they retain the natural fat content of the nibs. The resulting product is a flavourful chocolate liquor which is then pressed to derive our Cocoa Butter. This butter is later deodorized. Our local cocoa processing operation, BT Cocoa Indonesia, leveraged by research and development expertise helps us supply the best cocoa ingredients to leading chocolate and confectionery manufacturers in Indonesia. Olam Markets makes it easy for you to buy Deodorized Cocoa Butter online in bulk based on your requirements.
Product Application
Confectioner's coating, Chocolates, Spreads, Creams and fillings, Cosmetics Ask questions, share remarks or get more information about our Deodorized Cocoa Butter. Our experts will handle your queries with care and will deliver you the service you expect from a top ingredients manufacturer.

Product Specification

Product CodeDeodorized Cocoa Butter
ColourPale Yellow Cocoa Butter
FlavourBland Cocoa Flavor
Moisture Content0.2 Max
Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic Acid %)1.75 max
Iodine Values (Wijs)33 – 42
Peroxide Value4.0 Max
Saponification Value188-198
Unsaponification Matter (%)0.35 Max
Melting point31-35 °C
Refractive Index (nD 40 °C)1.456 – 1.459